Soon we will be having our summer holiday and most of us will take this time to go back home to Malaysia. So, why not to take this opportunity to do a clinical attachment at your nearby hospital.

So, what are the procedures?

A. Required Documents:
– University Letter Head
– Application Form

B. Steps:

1. For medical students, you may request the university letter head from Miss Nesreen at the IUMP office, ground floor of the convention center.

For dental students, you may go to Miss Reham’s office at level 4 of the faculty. You need to be ready with your full name, ID number and the hospital that you have chosen.

Receiving the letter head may take a while, hence you might have to visit them often for any updates.

2. Fill in the application form:

For medical student:

For dental student:

Scan all the documents and send them to the administration office of your desired hospital via mail, e-mail or directly to the office e.g. by a family member.

3. You will receive a reply mail, e-mail or phone call at least after 1 to 3 months (due to the processing and competition from other students learning in other countries).

Therefore, applying early can be a good idea if you are sure about which hospital you want to attend.

It is best to ask the assistance of family members to send the scanned documents directly to the administration office, thus a smoother process.

The hospitals’ procedure in applying may differ. Kindly do your research and refer in advance.

The above procedure can also be applied to university hospitals in Malaysia e.g. PPUM, PPUKM and HUSM, with a fee as they are under MOHE’s funding. Kindly refer the relevant websites.
Below are the links that are related;

1.Official Portal for Ministry of Health Malaysia

2.Hospitals in Malaysia

3.For the Frequent Asked Questions(FAQs) regarding clinical attachment

4.Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Klang Hospital

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