She drew in her breath and quickened her steps. While re-positioning the sling of her bag on her shoulder, she ran towards the direction of her house.

Half an hour, I shall make it before the quiz I guess, Atirah thought to herself as she ran.

5 minutes later, she was already in front of her house, fumbling with the keys to their house, while struggling to keep herself from spatting out vulgarity. When you’re under growing tension, there’s always a possibility for everything to happen, including bursting out in anger and vulgarity, even over small tiny things that come in the way.

She was already inside her house, and she quickly took her laptop and switched it on. In a few minutes, she was already busy transferring a presentation that she was about to do later on that evening to her pendrive, and she filled the time waiting for the transfer to be completed by re-reading the presentation.

She felt her knuckles almost turning white, her palms are getting sweaty and her legs couldn’t stop shaking. An old habit she had when she was nervous, and right now, she was nervous not only for her presentation that she was about to do in front of 30 – 40 other Egyptian students, but also for another matter that is as equally important and nerve-wrecking as the presentation.

Her Oral Histology Practical Quiz.

Which she hadn’t had the chance to revise at all.


Atirah felt herself gulping out loud, as she remembered about that gory fact and she felt herself to be even more nervous. So nervous, that she began to feel herself clouded with tears and in a minute, she found herself dialing her mom’s phone number.

“Hello, Atirah? What’s wrong?”

“Hello, Ibu?” By then, she couldn’t stop herself but to cry.

In those 2-5 minutes of her conversation with her mom, it was nothing but filled with Atirah crying. Her mom understood her so well and at the same time was genuinely worried because of Atirah’s lack of effort and refusal to open up to her friends about her struggling everything between study and her new task in being one of the presenters in a module called Health Care Simulation Model, a model in which there will be a lot of talks and lectures regarding health care systems all around the world held in front of Egyptian and Malaysian students.

She was struggling because in order to present, she needed to understand the syllabus and it was not easy to do so. Moreover, she was going to present in front of the Egyptian students who were so enthusiastic and so knowledgeable and would not take “No” or “I don’t know” as an answer, so Atirah felt the tension was even higher.

And she had to admit that the tension and the hectic schedule she had because of the module had taken a little toll on her studies. To be honest, more on her emotional management which in turn, affected her studies and concentration. She was worried almost all the time, and Atirah being the study freak and a perfectionist, found not being able to revise for exams or quizzes as a fatal flaw.

Which explained why she was still crying while she was on her way to the faculty, to sit for her quiz.

She managed to make it on time to the lab, where the practical quiz will be held. She sat at the last row, to avoid her red eyes to catch attention from her other classmates. But somehow, her housemate caught her in time, and raised her brows questioning her teary face. Atirah just smiled and gave nothing in response.

See what she meant by her lack of efforts?

0 minutes to her quiz, and yet nothing had been revised. At that time, all she could do was to pray for things to be eased for her, and to pray that hopefully her previous classes would help her to answer.

And also to pray for miracles from Him to work its charm.

Yes, Atirah had her own belief in miracles, oh she had a very firm belief.

After the quiz ended, the doctors decided to discuss the answers. Compared to how she was before the quiz, she found herself to be calmer and more positive, which was what she felt throughout the time she answered the quiz.

Must be His miracles, must be it.

After they finished discussing, she could only smile, and felt the tingles inside her began to increase. She felt herself getting teary once again, but this time not from worry, but from feeling grateful.

Oh, You really do keep Your promise, do You?1

 1 : And will provide for him from where he does not expect. And whoever relies upon Allah – then He is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a [decreed] extent. [65:3]


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