Feeling nervous about having to catch up with gazillion requirements? Are you tired and stressed out over endless quizzes and exams? Well you are not alone, almost every each and dental students out there feel the same way as you do; including me of course (yes, I am a dental student too.. isn’t that obvious lols). The truth is, I myself am a struggling dentist-to-be. However, in sha Allah I hope that what I am going to write won’t just be beneficial for all of you out there, but me too.

1. Study, lillahita’ala

Need I remind you, that every little thing we do, we need to do it for the sake of Allah. Most of the time our motivation to study is mainly to get good grades. Of course we all dream of graduating with flying colours, but first and foremost we need to set our intentions straight. When you do things for Him, you’ll find it much easier to grasp all the knowledge and somehow He will ease the exams for you too. But if things doesn’t go as smoothly as you wanted to, don’t give up just yet. He’ll definitely help you out 🙂

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2. Focus

Honestly, I must say that I find it rather hard to focus especially during the lectures. I have this one day where I had to go through five hours of lecture, without any break or gap in between. That is the one day where my mind would usually go here and there and everywhere (oh Lord, help me). I heard people saying, and I’ve read it somewhere too. They say that if you are able to focus while praying, then you will definitely find it easier to focus on basically everything, including studying. So, I guess I need to really work on staying focus during prayers; and if you have the same problem like I do, then let’s try to work on it!

3. Challenge yourself

Being a dental student, especially when you start your clinical sessions; you always find yourself looking for patients in order to get your requirements done. And sometimes, these patients would come seeking for treatment that you yourself doubt if you’re able to manage with it or not. As for example, I am actually scared of working on the upper teeth because you have to use the mirror, i.e indirect vision. I really have a problem with that. But during last semester’s Operative clinical exam, I had to work on an upper six. I was nervous, super nervous. But alhamdulillah, it was okay. Sometimes, I realised that it is quite refreshing to get out of your comfort zone. You need to challenge yourself at times, so that you are able to gain more experience and perhaps you will be able to become a highly skilled dentist later on in the future.

 4. Do not skip breakfast

This is very important, people. I highly recommend that you have your breakfast before starting your day. Why? Because you need a lot of energy to go through your days, inside the clinic especially. Sometimes it is quite tiring, especially on days where you have clinical sessions from 9am-3pm. And also, I’m talking based on my own experience. There was this one day in the clinic, where we had to extract teeth. I didn’t had my breakfast that day. I was standing at that time, and suddenly I felt like falling flat on the floor. I felt kinda woozy. I had to go out of the clinic, and I can’t remember how I got it, but I was drinking some milk after that. I felt better. I’m not scared of the sight of blood, but I guess I was lacking energy back then. Therefore, never skip your breakfast!

5. Get enough sleep

Studies show that we humans need at least 7-8 hours of sleep per day. Especially us dental students, we usually have a lot of things to be settled during the day; so we need to give justice to our body who had been working a lot. However you might feel that you don’t deserve to have a good, long sleep because you need to stay up and study (due to our non-stop quizzes). If you know how to manage your time wisely, then you would definitely find it easier to study, and also get enough sleep at the same time. Maybe, we should try sleeping earlier than usual, and wake up early in the morning. Not only can you perform tahajud, you would also have a lot time to study as well. People say that it it easier for your brain to absorb all those knowledge during that time of the day. I myself, need to be doing the same thing as well!

6. Take time for you

Leading a hectic life like we are having now, sometimes we forget to give ourselves some time off. It is important that we reward ourselves by doing the things we love. Some people enjoy running, some enjoy drawing, writing, etc. Especially during those times when you feel so stressed out like you can just explode any minute, try to get in touch with you. In sha Allah, you will feel much better after doing so. Remember that you need to make yourself happy. That way only, can you focus and do your work effectively.

7. Take time for Him

Last but not least, do not forget to give a little portion of your time to thank our Creator, the one who had blessed us with so many good and beautiful things in life. Take the time to pray, read the Quran, and get in touch with His words. Seek His love and guidance, and in sha Allah He will ease your life for you. Always bear in mind, this ayat from the Quran :

“Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest”  (Quran 13:28)

May Allah ease our journey in becoming great muslim and muslimah dentists in the future, and I sincerely wish the very best for each and everyone of you 🙂

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Written by:

Syamimi Rafee,
4th  Year,
Faculty of Dentistry,
Alexandria University.

In collaboration with:

Academic Bureau,
PERUBATAN Alexandria Chapter.

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