Walking back home with a complete messed up mind. All the jobs, assignments and other heap like a meshwork of tangled strings. Feeling suffocated of the workload, I could barely breathe.

I rest my head down and lie on the bed, anticipating a good deep sleep and wishing hard all the troubles would vanish the next day.

Then I wake up to another day but the same worry remains. I presume it’s just going to be another same day after all…



‘Verily, we shall send down to you a weighty Word (i.e obligations, legal laws etc) ‘ (73:5)

It struck me hard. How difficult my hardship could be if compared to the life of my beloved, prophet Muhammad S.A.W. He who was appointed by Allah S.W.T bore the heaviest duty of undeniable difficulty to relinquish the foremost teaching of Islam which is Tauheed. It is to believe in Allah as the All-Mighty and only to Him we should prostrate and bow down our head to supplicate for He is the only King of the universe. Imagining how bizarre it was to suddenly come out of the community who practically had been holding strong on their beliefs of supplicating multiple gods made of clays. The polytheism seemed impossible to be broken for it was the teaching descended upon them from their ancestors for many years. However, that was the absolute duty decreed upon my beloved, to redirect people to the right path.

Really, how hard my own problem could actually be?

The atypical teaching brought by my beloved wasn’t only conjured insults and patronizing looks, also he had to endure dreadful threats and physical abuses. His own uncle, Abu Jahal even turned him down and declared his disagreement on my beloved. Being called a liar, mad man, soothsayer and other demeaning words seemed accustomed to him. People mocked him for the teaching that he was trying to deliver even though the sheer truth came together with every word he uttered. Despite everything, he never gave in and continued facing all the cynical stares and intangible pressure merely because he realized the fact that he had been chosen to carry out the duty of conveying the words of Allah and guiding the ummah.

Again, how tough the hardship that I’m going through that allows me to put down my guts and give up?

I wonder, what a great man my beloved is, how strong and determined he was as though every little suffering he had to go through, never once left him spiritually and psychologically effected. Yes, the fact that he was the messenger of Allah and that made him ma’sum must have played a great deal on him. However, the major fact that Allah appointed him, His messenger in a human form and not an angel or something else, must also indicate a profound link that we have as human beings to him.

There must be something that Allah bestowed upon my beloved that moulded him into someone as strong. Something that I, as a weak human being could actually do to gain strength and determination like my beloved, even though not as much. Allah sent my beloved to show me the best example that I could follow to attain success. Every word he said and every action he performed was simply to be imitated for each of them is sunnah.

Then I figured, Allah has already given the best solution to my beloved right before He presented him the verse I mentioned up there (one that stated the responsibility carried by my beloved). In the same chapter in the Al-Quran, Allah mentioned:

‘O you wrapped in garments (i.e. Prophet Muhammad )! Stand (to pray) all night, except a little. Half of it, or a little less than that. Or a little more; and recite the Qur’an (aloud) in a slow, (pleasant tone and) style’ (73:1-4)

I must have totally overlooked. For every moment that I spent wondering about the best resolution to my troubling setback, I was actually failed to look up on the best reference that every muslim in the world possesses, the Al-Quran.

Allah had revealed to the prophet the method of gaining spiritual strength because He simply knows what my beloved had to go through was not an easy task. How thoughtful He is, showing my beloved the solution on how to remain steadfast while facing all the critiques and harms.

If the most tedious duty could be confronted by waking up in the middle of the night and submitted himself (my beloved) to Allah, what actually makes me think that I couldn’t attain the key to my problem by doing so? How hard my trouble is? Is it even comparable to the duty withheld by the prophet? Or is it too logical that the act of submission to Him that endows spiritual and emotional strength still wouldn’t able to ease off the distress?

Definitely, the One that created us must have known the best of us. He undeniably understands the state of a human being who’s going up and down through his life. How we act and react is usually driven by the inner courage and conscience. Both of them are subjugated by our feelings and state of mind which are the fundamental of our action. Thus Allah has presented the core solution to all difficulties we had by providing us serenity and strength as we prostrate to him hence leading us to the best decision making. Therefore, if not this, what else am I looking for, really? Subhanallah.

Then which of the Blessings of your Lord will you both (jinns and men) deny?

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